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Hasbrouck Heights Clear Braces

Where can I get Hasbrouck Heights clear braces?

Does the prospect of a straighter smile sound appealing to you? If so, you may benefit from a consultation at the office of Zach Orden DDS to discuss our Hasbrouck Heights clear braces. Our Invisalign system is one of the most popular and innovative solutions for misaligned teeth. It has helped many patients achieve the smile of their dreams and we are confident Invisalign can do the same for you. With a commitment to staying abreast of the latest technology and research, our experienced dentist is your premier resource for state-of-the-art dental care.

Hasbrouck Heights Clear Braces

While the cosmetic drawbacks of a misaligned smile are obvious, the negative impact that crooked, spaced, or crowded teeth can have on your oral health often goes understated. The hard to reach crevices created by these dental misalignments often serve as a safe haven for harmful plaque and tartar. At the office of Zach Orden DDS, we are committed to providing our patients with the latest that modern dentistry has to offer. Our Hasbrouck Heights clear braces employ sophisticated technology and advanced techniques to gradually move your teeth into new, straighter positions. After taking a digital scan of your mouth, a three-dimensional model of your smile is produced using leading-edge computer imaging software. Using this model, we will prescribe a course of treatment that involves the wearing of a successive series of custom fabricated plastic aligners. These clear retainers which are smooth to the touch and incredibly comfortable, will adjust the position of your teeth and bite. Invisalign also has the added benefit of being removable which means you can maintain oral hygiene and enjoy your mealtimes unobstructed.

If you have been considering orthodontic treatment but have been reluctant to wear traditional metal braces, speaking with a professional at the office of Zach Orden DDS about our Hasbrouck Heights clear braces is an excellent place to start. For more information on any of our services and to schedule an appointment, please give us a call today.


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