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When was the last time that you have had a dental exam? Whether it has been several months or several years, it is never too late to visit your Hasbrouck Heights dentist for a comprehensive exam and cleaning, In terms of frequency, cavities are second only to the common cold. While you may not be experiencing any dental pain, unbeknownst to you, plaque may slowly be eroding the enamel of your teeth. That is why, at the office of Zach Orden DDS, we advise our patients to schedule bi-annual checkups and cleanings at our office. By combining sophisticated technology with advanced treatments, we can detect and manage the accumulation of plaque in your mouth before it leads to a cavity. It is our goal to keep the smiles of our valued patients cavity-free from the start.

At the office of Zach Orden DDS, you can be confident you will receive the individualized attention you deserve. We emphasize a preventive approach t dental care and believe that early detection and treatment of dental decay is the best method of ensuring excellent oral health. Everyone’s mouth contains bacteria that produce acids which feed on sugars and create a film-like substance called plaque that accumulates on the surfaces of the teeth. If left unaddressed, plaque will slowly erode the tooth enamel, and then the sublayer of dentin before forming a hole in the tooth known as a cavity. Cavity treatment is a very routine treatment procedure in dentistry and involves the clearing away of the decay and the sealing of the tooth with a dental filling. However, it is important to schedule bi-annual checkups and cleanings with our Hasbrouck Heights dentistt because if left untreated, dental decay will worsen and a more involved procedure such as root canal therapy may become necessary to restore the structural integrity of the tooth.

At the office of Zach Orden DDS, we have established ourselves as a leading Hasbrouck Heights dentist by providing our valued patients with the highest levels of personalized care. For more information and to schedule an appointment, call our office today.

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